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Choice of French or Wild Sourdough, with or without seeds.

The French baguettes are now made with a double pre-ferment, including a 40% poolish and a 3% wild sourdough leaven, which both receive 12 -14 hrs of fermentation before being incorporated into the final dough. After being mixed, the final dough undergoes 2 hrs of ambient fermentation followed by 12-16 hrs of cold fermentation. These loaves have a light golden crust, tender interior and the taste of French bread that you love.

The Wild Sourdough baguettes are leavened with 100% wild sourdough culture. The dough begins with a 12 hour levain preferment, which is then used to build the main dough.

The final dough is first fermented at 80-90F for 4-5 hours followed by 12+ hours of cold fermentation. These loaves have a crackly amber crust, tender interior and a complex character with a mildly sour finish.

Ingredients: Filtered water, brown rice flour*, tapioca flour, millet flour*, sorghum flour*, potato starch/flour, flax seed*, extra virgin olive oil*, bakers yeast and GF wild sourdough starter, non-gmo xanthan gum, guar gum, sea salt, cane sugar*.
Vegan. *Indicates ORGANIC ingredients.