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Do you use rice flour in all your loaves and where is your rice flour sourced?
Yes rice flour is used in all currently available loaves. The rice flour used in Mama Mel's Bread is sourced from California and is non-gmo.

Is your xanthan gum non-GMO?
Yes. It is sourced from Bob's Red Mill. In fact, most of our ingredients are GMO free!

Are your products certified gluten-free?
We are not presently certified gluten-free, however please read on to learn more about our what we do to ensure our products are gluten-free. All flours, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, used in Mama Mel's Bread are certified gluten-free. The kitchen where the bread is made has a dedicated gluten-free mixing, shaping and packaging room. All pans, bowls, mixers, kitchen tools and cooling racks are dedicated to gluten-free use only. The oven is shared with other producers that use gluten, egg, dairy and nuts, however, this occurs on separate days from when Mama Mel's Breads are baked and these products are never baked at the same time as our bread. We practice very stringent processing and cleaning procedures to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Please note, our bread is produced in a kitchen where tree nuts, eggs and dairy are used on separate days outside of Mama Mel's production days.

Do you products contain egg or dairy?
No! Unless otherwise noted, our breads are VEGAN as I've developed these breads to be egg and dairy-free in order to meet the needs of people with multiple food sensitivities.

Do you offer wholesale orders?
Yes! For wholesale inquiries, please email us at mamamelsbread@gmail.com