Our Bread

 Photo Courtesy of John Burgess
Mama Mel's Bread is made from simple ingredients without added preservatives or chemical leavening agents. We use whole grain flours made from gluten-free grains such as sorghum, brown rice and millet, flours made from roots such as tapioca and potato and from flax seed meal. All of our grain based flours are organically grown. Our breads are prepared in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen and all dry ingredients are certified gluten-free.

All of our breads undergo the 12-step traditional bread baking process including 12-24 hours of cold fermentation. The wild sourdough breads have longer, more complex fermentation schedules than the straight baker's yeast breads. Each item is shaped by hand with care. 

Mama Mel

I began my bread-baking adventures shortly after becoming a mother to my fraternal twin girls in 2009. Knowing that I was extremely gluten-intolerant and likely had Celiac disease, I decided to be cautious with my girls and raise them gluten-free. Initially I was baking a lot of quick breads and muffins, but then my husband gifted me a baguette loaf pan for my birthday and the rest was history! From that point on I fell in love with the craft and science of making artisan breads. Ever since I have been educating myself in traditional bread making techniques and honing my own techniques specific to gluten-free baking. 

Mama Mel's "semi-officially" began in the fall of 2016 at the request of friends who commissioned me to bake gluten-free bread. At that time I had been baking gluten-free breads for my family and sharing these goods with friends and family at dinner gatherings, with good feedback. Each month friends of friends would request to be added to my "bread list" and the list grew.

In the summer of 2017, I decided to fully dedicate myself to gluten-free baking and put my career as a Naturopathic Doctor on hold. I had been practicing Naturopathic Medicine for 5 years and truly enjoyed this work. However, as a Naturopath, I had also seen many patients struggling with food sensitivities and Celiac disease, as I have in my own health challenges. I realized that by making Mama Mel's a reality, I would be of great service to those with food sensitivities and be able to support people on their healing journeys with delicious, gut-healthy gluten-free bread!