Mama Mel's Bread Care Tips

In general, these breads have a similar shelf life to regular bread and are preservative free.  If stored in cellophane or plastic bags at room temperature, the loaves will last 4-5 days, but make sure to vent the bag if condensation should appear. Bagels are kept best in the refrigerator or presliced and frozen.

As with all bread, toasting really brings out the crust and crumb, so I always recommend doing so before enjoying. If you wish to warm a whole loaf, you can place it in the oven at 350F for 10 minutes to renew the crust and warm the interior. I prefer to slice and then toast for the best result.

Our breads freeze very well if wrapped in plastic. An entire loaf can be frozen or the loaves and bagels can be pre-sliced before freezing. When pre-sliced, the frozen pieces can be placed directly into the toaster or oven. Whole loaves should be thawed at room temperature (in plastic bags) and then sliced and toasted.

If you find that after a few days that the bread feels a little dry, you can simple moisten the bread with wet hands and then toast up. The added water will steam up the interior nicely to an almost fresh quality!